When you initially buy a CNC machine, it is probably because these machines are touted as the do-all-never-need-any-other precision machines. Therefore, it may come as quite a surprise to you that these machines have LOTS of accessories. The following four accessories are sold separately as CNC tooling accessories, but they are definitely ones which you may want to purchase with your CNC machine or shortly thereafter.

Various Drill Bits and Boring Bits

Depending on which make and model of CNC machine you purchase, you may get one drill bit or boring bit or you may get a small set. You may also get none at all if you order a more expensive model because that is how the manufacturer sells more add-ons. Regardless of how many or how few drill bits and boring bits come with your CNC machine, you will want more so that your machine can do exactly what it is programmed to do—tell you what size bit it needs to do the job you want completed.

Router Bits

The next accessory you want to look at are router bits for sale. Router bits for a CNC refine and shape everything from wood to steel. You cannot use a router bit for wood on steel, and vice versa, so you will want to invest in several router bits for each kind of material you will work with on your CNC machine. You may also want a few extra router bits just for experimentation.

Tool Holders

How do you think the CNC is able to hold so many tools of varying sizes? It does so with tool holders, of course. Similar to many handheld drills, your CNC machine requires tool holders to load and hold whatever other little cutting, drilling, and boring bits you want to use. You may not always have to use tool holders, but it helps to have a few extra on hand in case a holder gets damaged.

Magnetic Workholders

These blocks of powerful magnets, also called chucks, clamp onto the top of the work table on your CNC machine. They hold metal projects in place so you do not have to stand there and hold the metal yourself. It allows you to be completely hands off so that your whole body is free and clear of the machine while it works. It also helps automate your projects so that they are finished faster and with absolute precision.

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