Air compressors have a variety of uses, particularly on a farm. In fact, you may find that you need to purchase more than one compressor to have on your property because of all of the ways you will be able to utilize it, especially if you want to branch out into other areas of farming, such as livestock or commercial crop production. The following are a few examples of air-compressor use on a farm.

Airing Trailer Tires

If your farm includes livestock of any kind, you likely have at least one trailer that is used to haul them. There is nothing more frustrating than preparing to load animals and discovering you have a flat tire on your trailer. A trailer should always be ready to go in the event of an emergency, such as when an animal is sick, so you will need to be able to inflate your tires as quickly as possible. An air compressor is the best way to do this. Keep a compressor in your garage or wherever your trailer is stored so that you can get to it fast.

Using Nail Guns

If you have never had to make a repair on your farm, count yourself lucky. Chances are, you will be making a myriad of repairs over the life of your farm, so having the ability to use a pneumatic nail gun, with which you will want an air compressor, will make repair work go much more quickly. Farms have many structures that will need to have repairs or replacements made to them, such as barns, chicken coops, and the like. It will also be useful when constructing new buildings if you intend to expand your farm.

Cleaning Farm Equipment

Keeping farm equipment clean is a very important part to having a successful farm. Air compressors can be very useful in cleaning certain pieces of equipment that cannot be easily cleaned using traditional cleaning methods. You will need to take extra precautions when cleaning with an air compressor, as it will spray particles of the substance around the area. Work in a ventilated area and always wear protective equipment, such as goggles and heavy-duty gloves. You can clean trailers, tractors, tires, buildings, and heavy-duty equipment using an air compressor.

Having an air compressor at your farm is very beneficial. It can be used to power a number of things you will use regularly, such as pumps, grinders, and sanders. When choosing a compressor from a company such as Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc., be sure to purchase one that will be large enough for your farming needs.