Phenolic caster wheels are used in carrying and holding heavy loads in an industrial setup. They are made from mixing phenolic resin with macerated canvas, which is then molded under high temperature and pressure to produce the right hardness. Phenolic caster wheels are an ideal option for many industrial applications because they are budget-friendly and are also resistant to gasoline, oil and grease. So what factors should take into consideration when buying phenolic wheels? Below are some important things you that will guide you in making the right selection.

Capacity of the load

When purchasing phenolic caster wheels, you need to understand certain terminologies, such as load capacity. This refers to the heaviest load that the casters can comfortably support. To obtain the ideal load capacity, you need to calculate the maximum capacity that you expect your application to handle at any particular time in pounds. Remember that the load rating of caster wheels is usually denoted in pounds and can range from 500 to 8,000 lbs. Once you have obtained the maximum capacity in pounds, you will divide it with the number of casters in your application. For example, if your maximum load is 4800 lbs and the cart you use has 4 wheels, then your load capacity will come to 1200 lbs. This means that you should buy caster wheels with a load rating of 1200 lbs.

Operating surface

Another important factor that you must take into consideration is the type of floor where the wheels will be used. Ideally, phenolic caster wheels should operate on smooth concrete because they wear out quickly when used on hard, uneven floors. Also, hard surfaces cause damage to the caster rigs, leading to uneven load distribution. It is therefore important to inspect your floor for cracks, ridges and uneven joints, even if they appear smooth. If you notice any gaps or ridges on the flooring, then you should consider getting wheels with a higher diameter to minimize the likelihood of the load tipping.   

Ease of rolling

Even if your floor is smooth, you need to find phenolic caster wheels that can roll easily. Of course wheels that are harder and have a higher diameter roll more easily compared to their smaller counterparts. However, when it comes to phenolic caster wheels, the ball bearings also enhance the rolling capability. When you are buying the wheels, you should settle for the ones with the largest ball bearing. The ball bearing is denoted by the term "bearing ID" so be sure to pick the highest value within your load capacity.  For example, if your load capacity is 8000 lbs, then consider buying wheels with a bearing ID of 1" instead of 1/2" to ease rolling.

Phenolic caster wheels will serve you well as long as you take the factors discussed above into consideration during the selection process. However, remember this is not an exhaustive list, so make a point of consulting an industrial equipment supplier like Specialty Casters to guide you further.