If you want to talk about a home maintenance task that can be a challenge, there is no doubt that painting the exterior of your home will come up. Exterior painting is one of those jobs that a lot of people leave to professionals simply because it can be so difficult. However, the task can be much easier to handle if you have a stable work surface like scaffolding to allow you to move around up off the ground. If you are considering renting scaffolding for an upcoming exterior painting project, there are a few big mistakes you should work to avoid. 

Mistake: Setting up the scaffolding too close to power lines. 

The frame of scaffolding is primarily metal, which means contact with electrical lines can put you in serious danger. If your home has power lines running overhead, it is always best to maintain an ample amount of head clearance between the scaffold and yourself and the lines. Uninsulated lines could easily send an arc of electricity down from the power line if you are too close in proximity. 

Mistake: Not setting the scaffolding up on stable ground. 

Scaffolding in general is lightweight in its design so it is easily removed, maneuvered, and assembled. This lightweight design can lead you to believe that there will be no risk of the scaffolding frame sinking into softer areas where the ground is not solid. However, this can absolutely happen, and, when it does, you could be left at risk standing on top of scaffolding that is sinking, leaning to one side, or at risk of falling over. Any area where you set up scaffolding should be solid enough to support the weight without any give. For example, arranging the scaffolding right next to your home where the ground is only damp dirt would not be a good idea. 

Mistake: Ignoring the safety regulations of working off the ground. 

Even though you will be standing on a fairly stable surface, you are still going to be several feet off the ground while working on scaffolding. Therefore, an accidental slip or fall could lead to major injuries. Make sure you always follow safety regulations given to you by the rental company and wear a good harness while you are on the scaffold or climbing to get on top. The harness should be connected to a stable area.

For more safety tips when it comes to using scaffolding to paint the exterior of your home, contact a company like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co.