According to The Conservative Treehouse, there are approximately three million preppers in the United States alone, and it is highly likely that this is a reserved estimate because many preppers don't make their survivalist strategies known. Creating an underground shelter is perhaps one of the most common prepper solutions for planning for unknown threats, whether it is chemical warfare or some form of disaster.

If you consider yourself a prepper, building your own underground bunker beneath the ground is likely a plan you have in place. As you start planning your shelter, make sure you stop in and visit a tank distributor. There are three reasons why doing so will be a necessity while you are constructing your underground safe place. 

You will need a tank for water storage. 

In the event of an attack or disaster, you could be facing weeks, if not months, underground with your family. Your primary concern during this time will be access to water. To ensure each person has enough water to consume to stay hydrated, it is recommended that you have one gallon of water per person per day. Even if you only have a few family members, the amount of water you would need for even a few weeks can really add up. Plus, this is not including water necessary for sanitation, such as bathing or brushing your teeth. Therefore, having a tank for water storage beneath the ground alongside your underground shelter will be an all out necessity. 

You may need a storage tank for fuel. 

Some form of fuel is also an important commodity in a survival situation beneath the ground. Whether it is gasoline to keep generators running or propane to power a stove and lights, you will need some form of fuel reserve on your property, which will most definitely have to be stored in a tank. A tank distributor can help you find an adequate and safe tank depending on the type of fuel you plan to store. 

You could use a tank as the primary structure of your underground shelter. 

Tank-like structures are ideal for placement as an underground shelter. Their already stable design makes them ideal for placement beneath the ground without concern of collapse. Some tank distributors actually specialize in creating tanks that are specifically designed for use as a shelter, and in some cases, you can obtain one of these tanks that already has crucial features, such as an entry point or separated rooms inside the capsule-shaped tank. 

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