As a business owner, you want to make sure that you are using the best equipment possible for your business. If your business heavily relies on the internet, having the best equipment may involve using data cabling for your internet and networking needs.

How Data Cabling Differs from Standard Wiring

Data cabling is different than the standard wiring that is currently running through your business. With standard wiring, you need different wires for your internet, phone, cable, and potentially other applications as well.

Data cabling is made to simplify standard wiring, allowing all of those different applications to run through the same cable. Data cabling provides an integrated system, simplifying the wires that you need running through your business and making it easier to take care of. Everything runs together in a package deal.

Why Data Cabling Is Good for Your Business

Data cabling is a smart business move because it will allow you to operate your business's internet and phone at the highest speed possible. Data cabling uses strong materials that allow you to run and access faster, higher internet speeds and have more reliable phone and cable connections.

Data cabling is good for your business because it allows you to run your business at peak efficiency. Data cabling allows you to combine your phone and internet needs and use VoIP and all of the features that come along with that level of access.

With data cabling, you are able to access a great degree of bandwidth on a consistent basis, allowing you access to the fastest speeds on the market. Many internet providers have special business internet packs that allow business owners with data cabling to access higher internet speeds than the general public can access.

Types of Cabling Used with Data Cabling

There are two primary types of cabling used for data cabling. The first and most common type of cabling is CAT 5 or Category 5 cabling, which is basically an Ethernet cable. CAT 5 cables contain multiple pairs of copper wires that allow you to combine phone and internet into one central cable.

CAT 5e cables are built on the same principle as CAT 5 cable but are made to support higher gigabit and data transfer rates. For even faster and larger bandwidth support, there are now CAT 6 cables on the market.

If you want to combine your internet and phone capabilities for your business into one cable system that will deliver fast and reliable internet at the highest speeds possible, data cabling is where you need to steer your business. For more information, contact a commercial cabling company such as Beach Wire & Cable.