As the owner of a woodworking shop, it is the repertoire of tools you have that makes everyday workflow possible and easier. Drills and drill bits are hugely important in this industry, but using regular bits can mean constant replacements and extra costs for your business. A lot of woodworking shop owners invest in aircraft drills and aircraft drill bits because they have a good reputation of being built to last. Take a look at some of the reasons aircraft drills and bits are invaluable for your woodworking business. 

The drills are exceptionally powerful and cut through dense woods with ease. 

An aircraft drill is not your average drill. These power tools have powerful motors inside of them and are designed with features to ensure they can stand up to heavy-duty use. Some dense hardwoods like mahogany or oak are really hard on the average drill or bit, but an aircraft drill or bit can plow through these denser hardwoods without an issue. This action allows you to make more precise drilled features. For instance, if you are needing a hole drilled through a piece of mahogany to house a leg or support beam, the drill will cit this hole with incredible precision. 

The drill bits are long enough to drill deep cavities. 

A lot of woodworkers love aircraft bits because they are made longer than typical bits. Their heavy build is not prone to breakage like other metal bits, so they can be longer and still drill without bending or breaking. If you have a need to drill a hole through the width of a wooden plank, for example, it would be completely possible to do with an aircraft bit because it is several inches in length and will reach all the way through. 

The drills and bits are built to withstand contact with metal. 

If you are working on a project that will require you to drill through metal, the aircraft drill and bits will allow you to do that without faltering. While you can buy typical metal bits for your shop that are designed for drilling metal, aircraft drill bits are created with materials that will cut through metal like it is nothing. If you are working on drilling through a metal plate into a wooden panel, for example, you will not have to stop and change bits just so you can get through both types of materials.